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  • I tried this By Kim

    This worked very well for me, looking forward to purchasing this one again. Posted on 2014-01-16

    • 5.0


  • Blessed Relief! By Claudine Astbury

    Ahhh Mr.K! Always a pleasure. ....

    Whenever I go abroad I always develop an horrendous itchy scalp due to the change in water, even when I go to Ireland!

    If I use this for a week before I go, during and a week after I have NO problem at all.

    Thanks for turning Holiday Hell into Holiday Heaven xxx Posted on 2013-11-23

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  • Didn't help. By AliMac

    Unfortunately, this product has done nothing for my scalp psoriasis-related itch. It goes on like water, which is better than other treatments that can be thick or goopy, but apart from a brief cooling sensation, my scalp was back to itching minutes later. Wish I could say something positive, but I won't be buying it again. Posted on 2013-10-01

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  • Have faith! By Angela

    I am a relatively new PK fan and have just started on my second bottle of scalp toner. It makes my scalp feel really good but it is too soon to say what the outcome will be but I have every faith and will definitely continue to use this. Posted on 2013-05-17

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  • Amazing! By Joey

    I have had an itchy scalp on and off most of my life but the last few weeks I could have pulled my hair out it's been that bad.
    I was about to purchase the flakey shampoo when the shop assistant advise I try an intro set that included the tonic....I so glad I did as the tonic hit my scalp I could feel the soothing relief and so far no itching either! Miracle product is all I can say. Thank you mr Kingsley! Posted on 2013-04-07

    • 5.0