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Straight hair 20ml


Stimulating Scalp Mask

Stimulating Scalp Mask


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  • 4.5


  • Scalp mask

    Feels great and even better w/ elastisizer. Recommend weekly application, leave on for several minutes, don't be hasty w/ rinsing too soon, you'll see a difference even after a couple applications. Highly recommend. Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Scalp

    I am very satisfied with this scalp mask I would recommend this purchase to others. Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Best Treatment for Alopecia!

    I have suffered with mild Alopecia Areta for several years on and off and have used hundreds of different treatments, supplements, shampoos and conditioners but this treatment tops them all. The stimulating scalp mask is absolutely fantastic and within two - three uses I already started to see results. I have quite a few patches on my scalp and within weeks of using I found little tiny hairs forming, something that has never happened before! This scalp mask has encouraged my hair growth massively, it is one of my top hair secrets and I would never be without it! This product also leaves my scalp feeling fresh and looking extremely healthy, not to mention the wonderful shine it gives my hair overall. Would recommend this product to everyone and anyone! Thank you so much Philip Kingsley for producing such a wonderful product and giving me the confidence to now start not wearing my hair extensions after years! The only bad thing I can comment on is I wish there was a bigger tube option! Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Best Scalp Mask Ever

    I am a recent convert to this product from the Exfoliating Scalp Mask. I have found my scalp has felt raw lately after using my Exfoliating Mask.

    I love the soothing tingly feeling you get with this mask. My scalp feels much more comfortable. I suffer from scalp psoriasis so welcome the relief this product brings in conjunction with the shampoo and scalp lotion.

    Just wish I could buy in a more cost effective size like I do with shampoo, conditioner and Elasticizer. Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Scalp Mask

    Using this alongside the Elasticizer, so far seems to be working wonders for my hair. The mask is has a cooling effect, and pleasant enough scent. Posted on

    • 4.0