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Tick Bites & Ringworm

Tick Bites

Tick bites can cause your scalp to itch. Be sure to check yourself and your children for these tiny bugs, particularly in the summer and autumn months.


The only way to remove ticks from your scalp is to wash your hair before going to bed. If you find a tick anywhere on your body, and live or have recently been to a country where Lyme Disease is present, we advise that you make an appointment to see your doctor.



Ringworm or tinea capitis is not, despite the name, an actual worm - it is a fungus infection that can result in scaly circular bald patches. After the introduction of the antibiotic, griseofulvin, it rarely occurs anymore. However, if found, it is most common in pre-pubescent children and is easy to diagnose and treat. Please consult with your doctor or Trichologist if you suspect that you or your child has ringworm.

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