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TRICHO COMPLEX Nutritional Supplement

 TRICHO COMPLEX Nutritional Supplement
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Award-winning hair growth supplements

Hair nutrition formula to accelerate hair growth

Tricho Complex hair growth tablets aim to tackle hair wellness from within by supplying all the minerals and micronutrients the body needs to support healthy new hair growth.

Key Ingredients.

Iron, Biotin, Methionine and L-Lysine

Iron for the formation of red blood cells. 
Biotin metabolises proteins and strengthens hair. Methionine and L-Lysine are both essential amino acids, the building blocks of hair. 

100% Recyclable
Sugarcane Bio-Plastic
Step by Step Guide

How to Apply

  • Take two tablets daily, one with breakfast, one with lunch
  • After 4 months, reduce your dose to one tablet per day in order to maintain optimum levels
  • Do not exceed recommended daily intake
  • Take with water, immediately after food
  • Best results seen after 12 weeks, due to the nature of the hair growth cycle
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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the nature of the hair loss cycle, it will take 12 weeks to start to see a difference. This is why we offer a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Take with water, immediately after food.

You can try our Hair Quiz to find the right product for your hair, or contact one of our online hair consultants.

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