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PK4 Hair Dietary Supplements (120 tablets)

  (26) Read reviews

PK4 Hair Dietary Supplements (120 tablets)

  (26) Read reviews
  (26) Read reviews
  • Boosts hair growth, health and quality
PK4 is a soy protein nutritional supplement fortified with the amino acids that are beneficial to hair health, quality and growth. Protein is essential to optimum hair growth, boost your intake with PK4. Especially helpful for those who don't get enough protein in their diet.
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PK4 Hair is a nutritional supplement containing Soya Protein which is a source of essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of the protein that hair is made up of called Keratin. PK4 Hair enhances the production of Keratin.

Hair grows in cycles which consist of three distinct stages: Anagen (active phase), Catagen (transitional phase) and Telogen (resting stage). The protein nutrients in the capsules are absorbed by the hair follicle during the Anagen phase of the growth cycle.

PK4 Hair should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet. For best results take for a minimum of 3 months.

Directions of Use:

  • Take two capsules, twice a day
  • Do no exceed the stated dose
  • This product is suitable for vegetarians
  • A nutritional supplement is a product that you ingest, containing vitamins, minerals and/or other various nutrients, that helps to enhance and support your diet. They are a 'booster' so to speak, providing your body with a bit of extra help - especially where deficiencies are an issue.
  • Hair needs a variety of different nutrients in order to grow. Hair cells are the 2nd fastest growing cells in the body (2nd only to intestinal cells), yet hair is a non-essential tissue. This means that your body will never send nutrients its way if another part of you is lacking, and is usually one of the first things to suffer when there is even a slight imbalance or deficiency in the body.
  • A well-balanced diet helps ensure you get all of the vitamins and minerals you need for healthy hair cell proliferation. However, metabolism and nutritional needs vary among individuals. Furthermore, stressful lifestyles and hectic day-to-day responsibilities often make it challenging to eat a nutritionally balanced diet all the time, as do dietary restrictions, illness, pregnancies and vegan/vegetarian diets. As well as this, stress and eating foods that have been overly processed can actually impede the absorption of certain nutrients, and even lower the existing levels in your body. Unfortunately, and again because your hair is a non-essential tissue, hair is also usually the last thing to benefit from improvements to the diet and so supplements can be extremely helpful.
  • As hair grows only half an inch per month it can take over 2 months for supplements to have a visible beneficial effect on your hair. Because of this, people often get frustrated by taking them, and stop. But try not to - perseverance and patience do pay off, and within 12 weeks you should see a definite benefit to your hair.

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  • Reviews (26)
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  • PK4

    This product is definitely worth trying. I am on my third pot of supplements and can honestly say my hair has improved. As others have said in reviews, I can see more baby hairs appearing and it looks healthier. You do have to give it a few months but worth it.

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  • PK4 for thinning hair

    This is my third month of using PK4. My hair was thinning due to menopause and lacking in lustre and condition. I can happily say that this product has saved my hair! Not only am I not shedding hair as before my hair is thick, shiny and easy to manage. I did notice a different after using the product for the first month but after that it just go better. I can HIGHLY recommend.

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  • Lots of new baby hairs!

    I wanted to wait a while before reviewing this product so that I could see the full benefits. I started using these tablets because my hair was thinning lots and you could see my hairline (whereas 3 years ago I had super thick hair and lots of it!). I chose this product because I'm a vegetarian and thought it was most likely my diet that was the cause.

    I have been using this product for three months now and I can now happily say that I have lots and lots of new baby hairs growing along my hairline. I'm sure that there are baby hairs all over my head but the hairline is more obvious. In addition to this I have also improved my diet and added lots more protein and iron to it so I can't give full credit to PK4. However, it does say PK4 works alongside a healthy diet, and isn't a replacement for one.

    All in all, I am a very happy customer but this product is a bit expensive so will try and stock up when there is an offer on.

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  • Excellent product

    I used it the first time two years ago under recommendation of the London clinic. I had amazing results: the hair was lucid, shiny and thick. I ordered it again!

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    8 years ago, my hair(due to luck of iron and candida) was absolutely miserable..I tried so many products, hair saloons and finally send my blood work to Philip Kingsley institute and become a patient..For many years I was on supplement 1 and supplement 2 which absolutely with shampoo and conditioner improved my hair 100%, so it finally grow up to mid of my back without breakage. Last 3 years I am on PK4 supplements and my hair couldn't be healthier and more beautiful. This is just another awesome product that keep hair in a excellent shape!!! Thank you for maintaining my hair beautiful at age of 47!!!

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