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Trichotherapy® Customer Reviews | Philip Kingsley

Penny - Buckinghamshire

"I love my hair now and I’ve never loved my hair before."

Michelle - Lancashire

"Having the new hair growth is just amazing. That’s been the biggest surprise for me."

Sarah - Manchester

"The overall result is just a fuller, shinier better head of hair. I’m very pleased."

Fiona - Buckinghamshire

"My hair does feel a lot thicker and fuller, most definitely. It feels, dare I say younger."

Pippa - Hong Kong

"I’m frightfully pleased with my hair, clearly there's been a long term positive impact."

Charlotte - Oxfordshire

"My hair is definitely thicker all over and I’ve noticed the receding patches either side of my temples are filling in!"

Pamela - Edinburgh

"Wow my hair feels ten years younger. Would highly recommend this."

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"I have now been using the whole kit for two months and it is like something magical has happened. I no longer find clumps of hair coming out in the shower…and new hair is growing - amazing! If you are thinking about buying this, just do it. You will not regret it."
Jo Freegard

"I had instant results…it boosted my volume and lifted my hair so I was really pleased with that."
Jane Baxter

"After four weeks, I noticed a reduced amount of hair loss day-to-day. My hair felt really different and so much thicker, and I could see new hair growing all the time. It’s improved my confidence and I’m starting to feel like me again."
Lorraine Kirkham

"I have lots of new hair growth and my hair is in the best condition it has been for a long long time!”
Charlotte Odell

Why Trichotherapy®

The TRICHOTHERAPY® Regime encourages healthy hair growth and is ideal for those with reduced volume and want to get the best from their hair. It is particularly suited to women with fine and/or thinning hair, those who are experiencing hair loss and excessive shedding, and those wanting more body and volume.