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TRICHOTHERAPY® - Hair Growth Treatment | Philip Kingsley

Trichotheraphy Explained

The multi-award winning TRICHOTHERAPY® Regime has been created to help maintain optimum hair and scalp health from the inside out. Used in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the 3-step holistic regime creates thicker, fuller hair and encourages healthy hair growth.

Who is Trichotherapy for?

Trichotherapy is ideal for people with fine and/or thinning hair and those who are experiencing reduced volume and hair shedding for a multitude of reasons. Learn more about reasons for female hair loss here.


The regime consists of 3 innovative products working collectively to provide long term benefits to the hair and scalp and deliver visible root lift, instant conditioning, shine and overall fullness to the hair.


Trichotherapy delivers life changing results. In consumer trials, 79% of women said their hair looked and felt fuller**. 

**94 women – blind user trial & after only 12 weeks

The Three Steps

  • TRICHO PRO – Volumizing Protein Spray

    TRICHO PRO Volumizing Protein Spray is a hair density formula that helps to reduce hair fall caused by breakage when combing and improve overall hair condition.Rich in primary anti-oxidants such as the Green Tea Extract, TRICHO PRO helps to moisturize and improve shine, fullness, cuticle integrity and strength.

  • TRICHO 7 – Daily Scalp Drops

    TRICHO 7 Volumizing Hair & Scalp Treatment are daily scalp drops that help to create the optimum scalp environment for healthy hair.The innovative formula contains a unique combination of 7 trichologically selected ingredients, each known to enhance the condition of the hair and scalp and encourage healthy hair and has taken 7 years to develop, test and perfect.TRICHO 7 is rich in anti-oxidants, has soothing effects, protects against environmental degradation and immediately gives the appearance of more volume.

  • TRICHO COMPLEX – Hair Nutrition Formula

    TRICHO COMPLEX is a vitamin & mineral supplement that has been created with over 60 years of trichological expertise and inspired by a combination of vitamins and minerals prescribed on a daily basis at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics.TRICHO COMPLEX contains an exceptional mix of vitamins and minerals including the essential amino acid L-Lysine, Pantothenic Acid, Methionine, Iron, Vitamins D3, C & B12. The formula also contains Zinc, Biotin and Selenium which contribute to the maintenance of normal, healthy hair.Suitable for Vegetarians



Penny - Buckinghamshire

"I love my hair now and I’ve never loved my hair before."

Michelle - Lancashire

"Having the new hair growth is just amazing. That’s been the biggest surprise for me."

Sarah - Manchester

"The overall result is just a fuller, shinier better head of hair. I’m very pleased."

Fiona - Buckinghamshire

"My hair does feel a lot thicker and fuller, most definitely. It feels, dare I say younger."

Pippa - Hong Kong

"I’m frightfully pleased with my hair, clearly there's been a long term positive impact."

Charlotte - Oxfordshire

"My hair is definitely thicker all over and I’ve noticed the receding patches either side of my temples are filling in!"

Pamela - Edinburgh

"Wow my hair feels ten years younger. Would highly recommend this."

Jo Freegard

"I have now been using the whole kit for two months and it is like something magical has happened. I no longer find clumps of hair coming out in the shower…and new hair is growing - amazing! If you are thinking about buying this, just do it. You will not regret it."

Jane Baxter

"I had instant results…it boosted my volume and lifted my hair so I was really pleased with that."

Lorraine Kirkham

"After four weeks, I noticed a reduced amount of hair loss day-to-day. My hair felt really different and so much thicker, and I could see new hair growing all the time. It’s improved my confidence and I’m starting to feel like me again."

Charlotte Odell

"I have lots of new hair growth and my hair is in the best condition it has been for a long long time!”