Moisture Balancing Conditioner

Moisture Balancing Conditioner


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  • 4.8


  • Nice Conditioner but Not for Me By Margaret

    I got this conditioner as part of an itchy flaky scalp set. Unfortunately it really irritated my scalp so I had to stop using it. I have dermatitis on my scalp. I didn't find it conditioned my hair as well as I hoped it would. Posted on 2014-02-21

    • 3.0


  • mediocre By R

    I love the elastisizer, I love the itchy flakey shampoo and tonic. But this conditioner for me was plain mediocre. While it didnt weigh my hair down and did leave it shiny, my hair still felt dry afterwards. I used plenty of it too. The stronger conditioners for kingsley also seem to contain protein too and my hairs not normally a fan of protein. Ohwell.. Back to the drawing board!! Posted on 2013-03-17

    • 3.0


  • MAkes a real difference By Vicky

    SO glad to have found this conditioner. Along with the moisture balancing shampoo it has made me fall in love with my hair again. I have quite a lot of hair, but it's fine, dry and frizzy and can be very flyaway. This shampoo makes it feel gorgeous and manageable. I'm ordering in bulk as even though it's expensive the difference it makes is totally noticeable and well worth it. Posted on 2013-03-02

    • 5.0


  • Brilliant By Kathryn

    A bit about me and my nightmare hair.... I have scalp psoriasis, fine, curly/frizzy/fluffy, shoulder length hair which to style I have to use straighteners!

    I purchased this conditioner along with the shampoo and it is brilliant... they didn't irritate my scalp, smoothed my frizzy hair but didn't weigh it down or make it look limp and greasy!

    It's a first for me not to have to wash my hair everyday also, I wear a silk hair cap to bed (sad I know) but that normally just means my hair isn't knotted but with these products, I woke up my hair just needed a quick brush! Posted on 2013-02-25

    • 5.0


  • so soft! By Nats29

    Just want to say how lovely the conditioner is! with all other conditioners I used (and they have been expensive ones) I had to leave in my hair for a while for it to be remotely soft and smooth it really is luxurious and you dont need to put a lot in at all. Posted on 2013-02-14

    • 5.0