Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray

Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray


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  • 4.9


  • Brilliant and light weight By Rosanna Stone

    I use this product on my medium hair type every time I wash and style. I was recommended to use it as I was so impressed with elasticizer and wanted a day to day product that had similar effects. The kind PK rep told me this product contains similar ingredients and gives a good production to stop my hair losing its moisture when being styled. It smells absolutely wonderful and so easy to apply. Could not recommend enough! Posted on 2013-10-16

    • 5.0


  • Amazing! By Dee

    This is one of the best things I have ever used in my hair. I have relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair, of short-to-medium length. I use it after washing my hair but I find I notice its effect more when I spritz some onto and work it into my dry hair on non-washing days. It's the softest and shiniest it has been in many MANY years! I owe the complete turnaround in the condition of my hair and its growing length to the elasticizer and moisture extreme range...and now this little gem! Keep up the amazing work! Posted on 2013-08-27

    • 5.0


  • Afro hair By Miss Walters

    Another brilliant product up there with the fabulous Elasticzer Extreme. This is a treatment in a convenient bottle that left my hair easy to comb and that I could use daily with out any fuss. If you could buy only two products this would be one of them. Posted on 2013-06-14

    • 4.0


  • It will grow on you! By Angela

    Yet another excellent product. A little goes an awfully long way. Used in conjunction with my other PK products helps keep my fine, flyaway, limp hair full of shine, body and bounce. Posted on 2013-05-17

    • 5.0


  • BRILLIANT! By hattie

    My hair felt soft and beautiful to touch! Posted on 2013-01-06

    • 5.0