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Straight hair 20ml


Elasticizer Extreme

Elasticizer Extreme


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  • 4.8


  • The best!

    I have curly/wavy long hair and am in my late 50s. I was worried it would be to heavy but I use it weekly. My hair is porous , dry and fine and not as thick as it was 20 years ago. Without the conditioning this gives my hair would be a frizzy mess. I have found it to heavy at times but the Extreme formula works better on my hair type . After the second time I shampoo after using ... I get compliments every day. It's like my hair twenty years ago. I am causcian but some ethnic products work much better on my hair. I never want to be without it. Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Not happy

    Before I purchased this product, I read the reviews & felt I would be in for an absolute treat. I was really excited. I have fine but plenty Afro hair which I relax and take good care of using nothing but the best products including Philip B & Phyto specific which would do the trick, my hair was strong and bouncy. But as I became menopausal, my hair became very dry, no shine and was not as thick & bouncy, so much so that I felt I would change my hair care range. The reviews were overwhelming positive, I also read what Philip Kingsley had to say about Afro hair after which I purchased the product. I was however disappointed, I tried it 4 times leaving it on my hair for varying times from over night to 20 mins & did not experiance any shine or bounce, in fact my hair is dull, worse than before. The only thing I can say is that my hair seems to be a little bit stronger but I do not think I would be exaggerating to say that my hair feels hard, drape & lifeless. Has anyone any advice? Posted on

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  • Even better than the original!

    I already used to use the elasticizer and it was ok on my hair. Kept it healthier than it would have been otherwise. However, after using the PK Product selector tool I found out that I should be using the extreme version. So I decided to take the plunge and tried try it. It is AMAZING! Now I can say that I experience the results that other people got with the original! If you have dry, coarse and frizzy hair then this is the product for you!!! I use this once a week overnight. When I wash my hair in the morning I am left with super soft and shiny hair! It is still a little frizzy but I have never been able to completely tame the frizz without heat anyway.

    I would recommend this to all my friends! Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Transformed my hair

    It left my hair feeling silky and soft! Posted on

    • 4.0


  • Elasticizer Extreme

    Lovely product, really creamy when applied and my dry, coarse hair looks much better after use. Unfortunately, the results do not last very long. Posted on

    • 4.0