Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment

Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment


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  • 4.9


  • The BEST for my dyed / mid length / straight hair By Katie

    Use it once - it will blow your mind. It truly brings damaged hair back to life. I bought it then forgot about it as it was in a box when I moved...a few weeks ago I was cleaning and SURPRISE - there it is. I leave it on overnight or for 1/2-1 hour prior to a shower...it makes your hair soft, shiny, vibrant, bouncy, stronger...this is EVERYTHING Posted on 2014-08-30

    • 5.0


  • simply brilliant By suzanne

    My hair used to be straight and silky, then I became ill and my hair lost all its luster. I was at my wits end untill I found this wonder product, it not back to its old self yet but its getting there. Posted on 2014-05-30

    • 5.0


  • Miracle product By Moira Harrison

    After one application my hair turned from straw to silk. Amazing ! Posted on 2014-03-24

    • 5.0


  • Cant live without it By Julia

    Have been using this for a year together with my scalp treatment and it has transformed my hair completely! You see results already from the first application! Magical! Posted on 2014-02-03

    • 5.0


  • A must have! By Sue

    I wasn't sure if I needed this product or it was overkill. Now I consider it essential. I use it every other Sunday morning on the ends of my fine, highlighted hair and maybe once every 5 weeks all over as my roots are quite oily. It restores vitality, shine and suppleness to my hair which was really prone to split ends and just breaking off when brushed. It is like giving your hair a fresh start!! Posted on 2014-01-13

    • 5.0