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Elasticizer & Summer Hair Damage

Written by Philip Kingsley Head Trichotherapist, Jennifer Dye


I find that for summer hair damage due to the sun, sea, chlorine, over-processing, split ends or a generally dull lifeless appearance, Elasticizer is a magical re-energizer. This multi-award winning product gives strength, shine and a bouncy youthful appearance to any hair texture or length. At the clinic, we love Elasticizer because it works – and our clients love it because it works immediately.




Apply Elasticizer once weekly to wet hair. Stroke thoroughly down the lengths of your hair, smoothly and gently, until your hair feels softer and the Elasticizer has been absorbed (takes 5 minutes). Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes, but half an hour is best – this is what we do at the clinics! However, some clients leave Elasticizer on when they exercise or tidy up as an excellent way to multi-task!


As Elasticizer can’t be over-absorbed, it’s up to you and how damaged your hair is how long you leave it on for. It is also exceptionally versatile – I like to treat any split or brittle hair with perhaps a teaspoonful, gently worked into my hair and then left overnight. Very economical and a quick and easy boost when I don’t have time for the full works.


When you wash Elasticizer out, the hair needs a finishing conditioner after shampooing to suit your hair type, length and level of processing. This will help you to achieve the desired softness.