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Clinic Protocols

We are delighted to be able to welcome you back to the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic. The comfort and safety of our Clients and Colleagues has always been paramount and alongside the rigorous hygiene practises we already have in place, we have introduced additional measures to ensure your comfort and safety. Please find below a summary of the updated protocols we have put in place.

Ordering and Collecting Products?

Our updated process ensures that you can collect your products efficiently at the front door and ensures you are not kept waiting on arrival.

  • Call the Clinic to place and pay for your order, a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your arrival.
  • Our Team will gather and package your products ready for your collection.
  • On arrival, please call us 0207 629 4004. If the lines are busy please ring the doorbell, give your name and wait outside.
  • A member of our Customer Services Team will come to the entrance with your products and place them in an accessible location for a contactless collection.

We are accepting and processing Mail Orders if you would prefer to have your products delivered to you. Please speak to our Customer Services Team to arrange this.

Attending the Clinic for a Consultation, Follow-up Appointment or Clinical Treatment?

Before Your Appointment

  • For health and hygiene reasons, please shampoo the day before your appointment. Please do not shampoo on the day of your appointment, as this may influence your hair and scalp evaluation.
  • Adults should attend the Clinic unaccompanied; Clients aged 16 and under should be accompanied by only one adult from the same household.
  • You will be required to provide your own face mask and wear this while in the building.
  • No pets will be permitted in the building.

Upon Arrival

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before designated appointment wearing your face mask/covering - you will not be able to enter the building earlier than this and late arrivals will not be admitted.
  • On entry please follow the guidelines posted by the entrance.
  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands upon arrival.
  • Please check in at Reception where your temperature will be taken using a contactless thermometer.
  • We require all Clients to complete a COVID-19 Liability Waiver and Declaration Form every time you visit the Clinic. This will be given to you when you check in.

During Your Visit

  • Sanitising facilities are available throughout the building.
  • Relevant signage is displayed throughout the building, please pay attention to this.
  • At this time, we will only be able to provide limited drinks, you are very welcome to bring your own bottled water or other non-alcoholic beverage.

Clinic Treatment Area

  • Our cubicles already provide privacy and a barrier between each treatment area.
  • As usual all gowns are replaced after every Client and laundered at above 60o Disposable plastic gowns are available upon request.
  • Disposable towels are used.
  • Surfaces and items are disinfected before and after each appointment as well as throughout the day.

For more details on these new protocols please contact our Reception Team on 0207 629 4004 or 

Step Inside London's Premier Hair Clinic...

Philip Kingsley is the leading authority on hair loss and scalp care. Our Trichological Clinics are home to the world’s most renowned hair and scalp specialists. Our team of trichologists have expertise in treating all types of hair loss and scalp conditions, ranging from increased hair fall, reduced hair volume, dandruff, seborrheic eczema and psoriasis. We also offer bespoke products and services that treat cosmetic issues such as hair breakage, dryness, dullness, lack of body and unmanageability.


54 Green Street, London, W1K 6RU

To enquire or book a consultation and for UK telephone orders:

Telephone: 0207 629 4004





Below is a list of hair and scalp conditions we commonly manage:

The most common concern we treat in both men and women is hair loss. There are many types of hair loss, but you’re most likely to notice either reduced hair volume (androgenic thinning) or excessive daily hair fall (Telogen Effluvium). Hair loss is not solely related to ageing either; many of our clients are in their late teens, 20s and 30s.

Other types of hair loss we help to manage include alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia, and hair loss resulting from chemotherapy. Where necessary, we will work with your medical practitioner to ensure you are receiving comprehensive care.



Founder, Philip Kingsley, was a pioneer in recognising the importance of scalp health in relation to hair health. Our well-established clinical scalp treatments are therefore highly effective, thoroughly trialled, and comprehensive.

Scalp conditions we commonly treat include dandruff, seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis and pityriasis amiantacea. Often hair loss and scalp issues go hand-in-hand and we are well-equipped to address both problems.




We take hair and scalp care seriously because when it comes down to it, it’s integral to your confidence and wellbeing. Booking a Trichological appointment helps us get right to the root of any hair or scalp care quandary you may have; no concern is too small or indeed, too large for Philip Kingsley. To ensure that you get the best care possible, we offer specialist blood test profiling and we work closely with a network of respected medical practitioners. We have over ten unique prescriptive hair loss treatment drops, as well as nutritional supplements, handmade scalp creams, scalp tonics, and shampoos and conditioners to support you. After an initial consultation, our Trichologists will create a thorough and bespoke treatment plan to take care of your specific concerns.





When you need a little me time or your hair and scalp just need a little extra love, our Trichotherapists will put the shine and glory back into your crown. From a Scalp Mask and Elasticizer to a steam and massage, and then finally, a shampoo and condition, you’re in safe hands with Philip Kingsley.

It’s all about the health of your hair and scalp so although our Trichotherapists can definitely help you blowdry your hair, they’re not stylists. In our experience, most people love the feel-good sense of freedom from heavy styling after this re-invigorating treatment. It’s a bit like when you’ve been to a spa and the skin on your face feels fresh, healthy and make-up free. 



We were initially established in 1954 in a tiny one-room clinic on Dorset Street, London. Due to the high demand though, our flagship clinic opened in a larger space on Green Street in Mayfair in 1968 (our Fifth Avenue clinic in New York followed in 1977).

Covering four storeys of a classic red brick townhouse in the heart of Mayfair, our Green Street scalp and hair clinic is home to ten Trichologists with over 200 years of collective experience in hair and scalp care. These specialists work with a state of the art lab in London to ensure each of our products meet exceptional standards and can meet our specifications.

Starting with a mere five basic products, our clinic range has grown to over 50 formulations, as well as bespoke hair loss treatments. Our Trichological clinics are the most well-established hair and scalp treatment centres in the world.

We look forward to giving you a warm welcome at our dedicated Trichology treatment rooms where we carry out bespoke hair and scalp treatments, as well as relaxing and strengthening Hair Spa Treatments, in a friendly and intimate setting. 


CALL US NOW: +44 207 629 4004


or, Click to read about our New York Clinic here.