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Philip Kingsley products are sold exclusively by approved Philip Kingsley re-sellers. If you purchase Philip Kingsley products from an unauthorized re-seller, you are buying diverted and/or counterfeit products. These unauthorized re-sellers may be operating online.

What are the risks of buying diverted/counterfeit products?

Products that are diverted may be damaged, expired, tampered with, and/or unsafe. These products may be counterfeit, made with poor quality and unknown ingredients that could adversely affect your health. You may also be buying from criminals and thereby complicit in partaking and contributing to such behaviour and corruption.

Buy buying direct from Philip Kingsley and our authorised re-sellers, you can be sure of the authenticity of the products and their ingredients, that they are previously unopened, have been correctly stored and comply with all relevant health and safety regulations.

How can I tell if the products are genuine?

The simplest way is to only buy direct from Philip Kingsley and our authorised re-sellers. Other counterfeit goods may be easy to spot due to spelling mistakes and flimsy packaging. However, some products may appear legitimate even when they are not. Offline, you should be wary about small mixed businesses and discount warehouses retailing professional or luxury hair care and skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes.

What can I do?

You can help Philip Kingsley products fight diversion by not purchasing products from unauthorized re-sellers and telling your family members and friends about the dangers and disadvantages of buying diverted, counterfeited and unauthorized products. Reporting potential diversion directly to Philip Kingsley products.

If you notice Philip Kingsley products for sale anywhere other than an authorised re-seller (online or offline), or believe you may have purchased diverted or counterfeit products, please contact us directly using the form which can be found by clicking here. The information you provide us will remain strictly confidential and may be used for obtaining additional information to help us fight diversion.