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5 Steps to Stronger, Longer, Thicker Hair

In fact, many clients come to our London and New York Clinics simply seeking the best-looking, healthiest hair they can possibly achieve. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to help your follicles function at their best. Here are our top five tips for thriving, lustrous locks.

1. Eat a balanced, adequate, hair-friendly diet

Hair cells are the second fastest multiplying cells in the body, so hair’s nutritional requirements are uniquely demanding. Because protein provides the building blocks for hair, eating a protein-rich diet is one of the best ways to improve your hair’s quality and strength. Complex carbohydrates are also very important – they provide your body with the energy it needs to grow hair. Try not to skip meals (especially breakfast), and make sure you eat enough calories for your lifestyle (for example if you are a regular exerciser, or if you are pregnant, you’ll need more). Energy to your hair follicles dips after 4 hours, so snack on a complex carb, such as whole wheat bread, nuts or fruits, between meals.

2. Turn to nutritional supplements for support

We know it can be difficult to eat a healthy, balanced diet all of the time: life sometimes gets in the way. Busy schedules often mean eating on the go, which in turn leads to eliminating important food groups. Stress sometimes leads to comfort-eating, or (even worse!) not eating at all. Seasonal colds and flus can lessen our ability to absorb all the nutrients our hair needs. This is where nutritional supplements come in. Taking a supplement specifically targeted for hair can be extremely beneficial. Protein supplements (such as Density Amino Acid Booster) can help with your hair’s quality and strength. A hair multivitamin (such as Density Healthy Hair Supplements) can boost your levels of Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Biotin, all of which are vital for optimising hair length and volume.

3. Find equilibrium in physical and mental health

It’s all about balance. Stress can have an extremely negative impact on hair growth and health – so we recommend that you take small, simple steps to lower your stress levels and promote your mental and physical wellness. Take time to exercise, as well as time to relax, re-centre yourself, and do the things you love. 

4. Choose the right hair care products for you

The right products can mean the difference between a good hair day and a bad one! Philip Kingsley’s premium hair care products are formulated by our Trichologists using the highest-grade ingredients, and they are designed to make all the difference to your hair’s health, appearance and manageability. Use our hair texture guide to identify the best Shampoo and Conditioner for you, then add protective styling products, such as Polishing Balm to shield your hair from heat, and Daily Damage Defence to guard against pollution. Also, make sure you don’t neglect your scalp! A healthy, nourished scalp provides the ideal growing environment for strong, healthy strands – so reach for one of our specially designed exfoliating or soothing scalp masks.

5. Book a Consultation with a Trichologist at our Mayfair or Manhattan Clinic

You do not need to have a serious hair or scalp concern in order to pay us a visit – you may just want your hair to look and feel its very best! A Philip Kingsley Trichologist can give you a personalised approach. We look at all aspects of your lifestyle, wellness, nutrition and hair care regime in order to advise you on the best way to nurture hair growth and scalp health. For now, here are Mayfair Clinic Trichologist Lisa Caddy’s top tips.

  • Shampoo regularly: a clean and healthy scalp = a better head of hair.
  • When you are out in the sun, cover your hair with a hat or scarf, or use products containing an SPF.
  • If you like to tie your hair up, do so loosely with cotton bands in order to reduce pulling and pressure on your follicles. Give your scalp a rest by wearing your hair down when you can.
  • Always apply a heat protectant if you’re using hair dryers, flat irons, or curling tongs. Styling tools are usually hot enough to burn your fingers, so they’re definitely hot enough to burn your hair.
  • Don’t pile your hair up on top of your head when shampooing. This will result in knots and tangles, which are difficult to remove and cause breakage.
  • Don’t overbrush your hair or be too enthusiastic with your brushes and combs. Be gentle and treat your hair respectfully, just as you would an expensive cashmere sweater.

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