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Why Red Light Therapy is Great for Your Hair

Red light therapy is certainly having its moment in the spotlight (pun intended!). You may have seen press coverage recently about the benefits of infrared saunas, like those at Glow Bar in London. They are credited with improving everything from energy levels to sleep quality to skin clarity. In the competitive sports world, infrared saunas and lights are also used for quick recovery time and muscular relaxation.

But did you know that at the Philip Kingsley Clinics, we’ve always used infrared light in our specialist hair and scalp Treatments? This is because we have long known its benefits for skin, and in particular, the hair follicle. Infrared light stimulates cellular energy (or ATP, which you might remember from your biology lessons!) – and this cellular energy supports the processes of growth and repair. Specifically, for our purposes, infrared light has been found to increase blood circulation in the scalp, and also have soothing anti-inflammatory benefits– exactly what we want for a head of healthy strands.

We have visited Glow Bar and we’re all for scheduling some relaxation and wellness time particularly in such a beautiful space. Allowing the body to sweat is like a workout and we can confirm that it leaves you feeling wonderfully uplifted. Pro Tip: Apply Elasticizer to damp hair before stepping into the sauna - our deep-conditioning hair treatment is heat activated and aids absorption of the hydrating and strengthening formula. Don’t forget to take your Philip Kingsley products with you for your post-sauna shower!

Managing stress levels and ensuring time for self-care are all aspects of our holistic approach because we know that stress puts pressure on the body’s systems and processes and can cause imbalance. Want to know more about our approach and how you can book in?

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