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Straight hair 20ml



No Scent No Colour Shampoo

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No Scent No Colour Shampoo

  (14) Read reviews
  (14)  Read reviews
  • Gentle, effective cleansing for sensitive scalps
Fragrance, colour, paraben and SLS free formula for extra gentle cleansing – suitable for daily use. Created to be mild enough for those undergoing Chemo/Radiation therapy. Leaves hair shiny, soft and manageable.

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Created for those with the most sensitive, delicate or easily irritated skin. Designed to answer the needs of the growing number of allergic and reactive skin types for whom fragrance and strong surfactants are not an option.

It is fragrance, colour and paraben free and formulated to be gentle enough for those undergoing chemo/radiation therapy.

Provides kind and gentle yet efficient cleansing, leaving hair soft and manageable.

Directions of Use:

  • Apply to your wet hair
  • Lather well with a gentle kneading of your scalp
  • Rinse and repeat if necessary
  • Follow with No Scent No Colour Conditioner and Scalp Toner.
  • It is likely that everyone knows a person who has undergone the trauma of being diagnosed with cancer and having to be treated by chemotherapy. It’s also common knowledge that one of its side effects can be hair loss. The disease, so distressing in itself, gives further distress and anxiety when one of the most upsetting side effects of treatment is loss of hair.
  • However, hair lost as a result of chemotherapy does grow back. Chemotherapy describes any treatment where ‘chemical’ agents are given intravenously. With cancer, the chemicals given during chemotherapy are used to destroy cancer cells, but these drugs can also have a toxic effect on other parts of your body and very often disrupt your natural hair growth cycle.
  • Chemotherapy can cause your hair to bypass the normal shedding (telogen) phase, and come out excessively in the hairs’ growing (anagen) phase. This is called anagen effluvium and usually occurs within 4-6 weeks of starting treatment. However, some chemotherapy never causes hair loss.
  • Individuals undergoing chemotherapy sometimes prefer to completely shave their heads before their treatments to gain a sense of control. It’s often less distressing to do this as hair fall is not as obvious and isn’t actively seen. We generally advise those with long hair to adopt a shorter style. Hair loss is less visible and emotionally it may be easier. Other ways to help cope with hair loss and to boost morale are to wear scarves, hats or hairpieces and wigs.
  • Modern wigs can look very natural and there are a wide range of different colours and textures to choose from. Wearing wigs won’t inhibit hair growth, but we advise you leave them off whenever possible to let your scalp breathe. Your scalp tissue still contains oil and sweat glands, so even if you lose your hair or shave it off, daily shampooing is best.
  • In 99% of cases, hair does grow back after chemotherapy, but you may find your hair grows back differently. Your hair might change its colour, shape and/or texture. It could also initially grow back fine and fluffy. The latter is only a temporary change though, and your follicles will eventually produce mature hairs.
  • As soon as your hair has grown back, and is strong enough, you can start using conditioners and styling products as usual. Having your hair styled by a professional hairdresser who knows you and understands your situation can also be very helpful and reassuring. However, great care should be taken when styling initially to avoid pulling out and breaking new, fluffy hairs – this is especially true with massage. Hair colouring can also be continued, but a skin patch test must be done initially, regardless of applications before chemotherapy. This is particularly important with permanent hair dyes.
  • You can also begin to perm or highlight your hair once your hair has grown. While perms and highlights don’t cause allergies, a strand test must still be done on the first occasion after treatment. Even though it’s still your hair, the new hair may react differently than it did before.
  • Localised radiotherapy can cause hair loss in the treated area. In breast cancer this includes the armpits. When the head is treated with radiotherapy, particularly in the treatment of brain tumours, hair follicles in direct contact are permanently destroyed. In many cases hair transplantation can be successful, but, as with other forms of cosmetic surgery, it’s essential that you are referred to the best specialists.

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  • Holy grail of shampoo

    I have really bad eczema, and cannot use most shampoos without having major scalp issues. Purchased the travel size to try out and LOVE it. Anyone with eczema needs to try this product. Ordering more today!

    Posted on
  • Great product

    I continually order 1 liter sizes. Best products for me: no scent, no bad reaction, very moisturizing. Although I have to wash my hair every day. My family loves it.

    Posted on
  • Nice Shampoo but...

    I've always had a very itchy and sensitive scalp. One day, I was exhausted and I finally decided to talk about it with a doctor. She recommended I find a good quality, unscented and uncoloured shampoo to start from scratch and find what could cause my itchy and sensitive scalp. I did some research and discovered this one.... it was great. I noticed a difference using it and my hair was soft. However, it does not lather at all on my hair and after a while my hair began to feel greasy and the itchiness came back. I now know that my itchy scalp is caused by dandruff and I recently started using the line for itchy scalp from philip kingsley. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful shampoo and I do recommend it... but it wasn't "The One" for me and I am still looking. I think the one for itchy scalp might be it :)

    Posted on
  • Best Shampoo

    This is the best shampoo for thinning hair, sensitive scalp, flaky scalp etc.
    Its absolutely brilliant.. my hair is growing quickly and is much thicker than usual. I have recommended to all my family who now uses this and we have all seen the changes within 2 months. I have small dog who is allergic to all shampoos (dog, baby, adult) and this is the only one that he is able to use without coming up in hives, flacky skin and biting and scratching himself. I would recommend the site to everyone, its a shame M&S sell all PK shampoo apart from this one.

    Posted on
  • BEST shampoo

    I bought this in a travel kit and I came back to purchase a larger size. This is the best shampoo I've ever used. My scalp feels clean, my hair is soft and manageable. Best of all, no fragrance, which I love because I have many allergies! I look forward to continued to use of this product. :)

    Posted on
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