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Common Styling Myths Debunked

If I cut my hair, will it grow faster?

Unfortunately, no. Your hair is not like a lawn, where cutting can stimulate growth. However, when you cut your hair short, your overall style may appear to be thicker and stronger. This is because the roots of your hair naturally have more volume than the ends, and also because cutting your ends to a uniform length can give the impression of fulness.

Can I repair split ends?

The only way to cure split ends is to cut them off. Products known as split-end healers (such as our amazing Bond Builder Split End Sealer) can temporarily seal the ends together for up to three washes. But try not to leave split ends untended to for too long — they can split further up the hair shaft, causing more damage and breakage. Scheduling a hair trim every few months will help with this.

Is brushing my hair 100 times a day good for it?

No – it is bad for it. Vigorous brushing can pull your hair out, break it off, and scratch your scalp. Think of what would happen if you repeatedly brushed a wool sweater: it would get worn-out and frayed. The same applies to your strands. Always brush gently, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots.

Can dyeing your hair make it fall out?

There is no scientific evidence to support the belief that colouring your hair makes it fall out more. If anything, dyes and bleaches can add texture and body. Just be sure to protect and hydrate your strands with treatments such as leave-in conditioners and/or pre-shampoo conditioning masks.

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