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Trichologist Anabel Kingsley explains why PK Prep was developed. Here she talks about the key benefits of the collection, how the products can be layered together and what makes them unique.

What are the key benefits of the range?
We formulated PK Prep to provide women with the tools for perfect and effortless salon styling at home. The range makes the hair more manageable, smoother and silkier. It also dramatically increases shine and reduces frizz and fly-aways. Very importantly, PK Prep helps to improve the condition of the hair and protects it from styling and daily environmental damage. Each product is incredibly lightweight, so they do not build up on the hair and can be layered to achieve whichever look is desired.

How do the 3 products work together? What are some of the key ingredients?
Each product within the range has its own benefits. Perfecting Spray offers heat protection and improves comb-through. It also nourishes, conditions and strengthens strands with hydrolastan, hairspa, ProVitamin B5 and sweet almond extract. Plumping Cream provides amazing, frizz-free volume with state-of the art styling polymers. It also nourishes strands with meadowfoam oils and hydrolysed proteins and protects the hair with a unique blend of anti-oxidants. Polishing Balm contains UV filters to protect the hair from environmental degradation. As added benefits, it contains anti-oxidants and moisturizing agents, like Vitamin A and ProVitamin B5.

What are your top tips for using the products on different hair types?
PK Prep can be used on all hair types. If you have fine hair, Perfecting Spray and Plumping Cream can be used liberally throughout the mid-lengths and ends to give superb and frizz-free volume. The Polishing Balm can then applied sparingly over wispy ends or fringes. For coarser hair textures, Perfecting Spray and Polishing Balm can be used together for sleek results and/or curl retention. If you have coarse hair and your frontal region is slightly finer, Plumping Cream can then be applied to the front sections of your hair. While PK Prep is primarily for use on wet hair, Perfecting Spray is also great for restyling dry hair. You can also apply Polishing Balm with a Kabuki Brush to literally paint gloss onto strands and selectively tame fly-aways.

What are some of the most common types of damage you see at the Clinic?
The most common types of damage we see at our Clinics are breakage, reduced elasticity and split-ends resulting from brushing, back-combing, heat styling, chemical processing, rollers and traction. Prep immediately masks these tell-tale signs of damage by adding shine and gloss throughout the hair, polish to the ends and by reducing frizz. What makes PK Prep even more unique though is that it works to protect the hair from damage and breakage when styling and helps to make it healthier over-time.

Are there any long-term benefits to PK Prep?
There are many long-term benefits to PK Prep. The unique combination of hydrating ingredients, light-weight heat protective polymers and silicones, UV protection, anti-oxidants and nourishing humectants actively improve the condition of the hair over time. The products also help to reduce styling time, which can in itself improve the integrity of strands. You can also use PK Prep with our hero product, Elasticizer. Elasticizer helps to intensively repair, hydrate and strengthen the hair once a week. PK Prep heightens, prolongs and layers into these benefits by protecting the hair on a daily basis and giving it a much-needed top-up of moisture when you style. Together they are perfect arsenal for healthy hair and the perfect blow-dry.