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Vented Grooming Brush

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Vented Grooming Brush


    Smoothes flyaways and adds root lift.

    Our handy sized Vented Grooming Hair Brush can be used for general grooming, blow-drying or adding root lift. Suitable for all hair types, it is vented to allow heat to disperse quickly, so hair can dry quicker – ensuring as little heat damage as possible.

    The brush’s anti-static properties smooth to avoid fly away ends. While built-in cushioning ensures only gentle pressure on the scalp, and the widely spaced and round-ended pins prevent any irritation or scratching.

    • Suitable for general grooming, blow-drying and adding root lift
    • Vented for heat styling – the design allows heat to disperse quickly, minimising damage
    • Gentle on the scalp to prevent irritation



    H 21.3cm x W 4.7cm x D 3.2cm