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Elasticizer Therapies Limited-Edition Scents


Meet the members of our much-loved family of limited-edition scented Elasticizers


Elasticizer Therapies Egyptian Jasmine & Mandarin

Revive your mind and body with the uplifting fragrance of Egyptian Jasmine and Mandarin Elasticizer. The perfect wake-me-up beauty ritual, leaving you with a bounce in your hair, and your step. Expertly blended for an uplifting boost; the distinctive floral notes of Jasmine inspire harmony and optimism, while zesty Mandarin revitalises, encouraging feelings of joy and vibrancy.

Elasticizer Therapies Mayan Vanilla & Orange Blossom

Our Mayan Vanilla & Orange Blossom conditioning hair mask has been expertly blended with scents used in Aromatherapy practices. Mayan Vanilla provides warmth & comfort, whilst Orange Blossom creates a calming effect. The calming, delicate scent of this hair mask is based on the wisdom of Aromatherapy, which has been practiced for hundreds of years.


Elasticizer Therapies Coconut Breeze

Our Elasticizer is formulated with creamy coconut, jasmine, and almond to intoxicate the senses and capture the tropical scent of Coconut Breeze. Infused with the rich exotic scent of Coconut Breeze captures the vibrant scent of sunshine & pure white sands with warm notes of coconut, jasmine & almond.

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