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Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

Perhaps you’re meticulous about it, planning your colour scheme weeks in advance, or collecting trimmings throughout the year.

Maybe you even have a Pinterest board of inspiration. Or perhaps you’re more of a last-minute wrapper, styling it out on Christmas Eve! Whichever type you are, we’re sure you are also familiar with the wasteland of wrapping paper that litters the floor after present opening on Christmas morning.

Yes, excess is all part of the fun at Christmas, but we know it’s not great for the planet. So here are a few tips for gift wrapping that is creative, festive and beautiful – while also being kinder to the environment.

To recycle or be recycled

Did you know that not all wrapping paper can be recycled? If the paper has been dyed, contains glitter or has sticky tape still attached, this is a no-no for your local recycling bank. One tip is to re-use any wrapping paper from Christmas Past.

“I grew up watching my Grandfather delicately opening every gift he was given so as to preserve the wrapping paper and fold it neatly away. It was bizarre to me as a child to see so much restraint and not ripping open the gift in front of him! Without fail, we would see the same paper appear under the tree the next year!” – Rose, Head of Creative

If last year’s wrapping paper isn’t available to you, why not reach for old magazines or newspapers as an alternative? You can add a festive sprinkle and go all out on the look with parcel labels and parcel string, or red and white butcher’s string.


Parcel paper

Parcel paper gives you a blank canvas that allows you to put your stamp on things. Try a bit of calligraphy, or some actual rubber stamps. Whether you choose white or brown paper, the great news is that both are recyclable. You can spruce up bows with sprigs of holly from your garden and miniature cones from Alder trees. Rosemary smells as good as it looks tied up with ribbon, as do cinnamon sticks.   

Use fabric not paper

Why not make the wrapping part of the present? Try using a beautiful silk hair scarf, a festive tea-towel, or a cushion cover to conceal another gift within. It’s time-saving, doubly delightful, and environmentally friendly! If you’re a keen crafter, you may have a stash of offcuts from material too beautiful to throw out. Patch them together with metallic thread, or iron over seams with ribbon and Bondaweb to seal. You don’t need to stick to traditional colours here. We think bright jewel colours like fuchsia and turquoise add extra opulence with this method.

Treat Your Loved Ones to a Gift Box

Of course, you could always gift our wonderful Christmas Collections, full of products for jolly good hair days. They are all beautifully boxed and ready to present, no wrapping necessary! Made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved stock, they’re fully recyclable too, of course – as are the bottles inside them.

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