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Sun damage on the hair & how to prevent it

New research conducted by Philip Kingsley has revealed that whilst we’re now committed to protecting our skin from the sun, just 18% of us make a conscious effort when it comes to protecting our hair—despite the catastrophic long-term effect UV exposure can wreak on strands.

While 65% claimed they were avid users of SPF on their skin, a huge 82% admitted they don’t use any products to guard their hair, regardless of the damage UVA and UVB rays can have on its condition, which can lead to complaints such as split ends, dryness,discolouration and frizz.

Furthermore, nearly half (42%) stated they were unaware that the sun could be damaging to hair, and when asked if they knew their hair could burn like the skin, two thirds (65%) answered no.

Enter Swimcap water-resistant hair mask... 


The Science

“The effect of UV rays on the hair is akin to bleach, as they oxidise hair pigment cells (melanin), which is why hair becomes lighter in the sun,” notes Anabel. “UV rays can also cause colour fade, which is not idealif you have invested time and money having your colour perfected in the salon. But the damage doesn’t stop there. The sun’s UVB rays degrade the actual protein structure of your hair and weaken its disulphide bonds (the strong bonds that hold your strands together). This can make them brittle, dry and overly porous, causing them to break easily. Hair also becomes dry due to
moisture loss, therefore hot climes can also contribute to parched strands, on top of the drying effects of salt water from the sea.”

The Story

The uniquely creamy, conditioning formula was originally formulated for the USA Olympic synchronized swim team — treats and shields hair from the drying, damaging effects of the sun, sea, chlorine and UV, helping to keep tresses nourished and hydrated. You’ll emerge from the water with silky, soft strands, and what’s
more, it also safeguards against colour fade and discolouration, preventing that dreaded brassy (or green) blonde. Not only did 92% report their hair felt PROTECTED during use, but 89% reported hair was NOT DRIED OUT by sun or water*. Better yet, when you shampoo it out at the end of the day, hair will be left healthier, silky and evening-ready. Protected by day, shiny and swish-worthy by night!


Here about how Philip came to create Swimcap, as told by our Brand President, and his daughter, Anabel Kingsley: 

About the research: An online survey was conducted by Atomik Research among 2,004 respondents from the UK. The research fieldwork took place on 14th October – 17th October 2022. Atomik Research is an independent creative market research agency that employs
MRS-certified researchers and abides to MRS code

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