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Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are applied by glue-heating hair swatches onto your natural hairs. They are instantly gratifying and can be an enormous morale booster – giving immediate body to fine hair, or enabling a change in style for a special event.

However, there are risks to your hair in using them — particularly if you do so regularly and/or for prolonged periods of time.

Are Hair Extensions Safe?

If you use hair extensions occasionally, they should not cause damage — as long as they are properly applied and removed.

However, the appeal of hair extensions can make it difficult to stop using them once you start.  If you use them regularly, or leave them in for a prolonged period of time, they can reduce your hair’s volume and thickness. They may also cause damage to your scalp.

The biggest risk from hair extensions is traction hair loss, as well as breakage caused by the constant pulling and weight on your natural hair. These risks grow the longer and more often you use extensions.

This can become a vicious cycle, leading to further volume reduction and damage. If you regularly wear hair extensions, it can become difficult to shampoo frequently enough without tangling your weaved hair into your natural hair. This can lead to poor scalp and hair hygiene, scalp irritation, and the build-up of flakes or dandruff.

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