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Androgenic Hair Thinning & Reduced Hair Volume

Reduced hair volume and hair loss are much more common than is thought, with over 1 in 5 women experiencing it currently in the UK alone.

Reduced hair volume occurs when there is a gradual reduction in the diameter of individual strands. This type of hair loss is more commonly known as ‘androgenic thinning’. Androgenic thinning is related, as the name implies, to androgens (male hormones) and is genetically determined. What may suprise you is that both men and women have androgens. However, the levels are higher in men and so it is often more noticeable and has a different pattern.

Reduced hair volume can be influenced and exacerbated by a number of factors, such as diet, stress and hormonal or metabolic imbalances. However, there is always a genetic predisposition to follicle sensitivity involved. Here, follicles in genetically predisposed areas are sensitive to normal levels of circulating androgens. Even sub-normal amounts of androgens in women can cause hair thinning if they have high follicle sensitivity. 

With androgenic thinning, the anagen (growth) phase gradually shortens and follicles very slowly miniaturise and produce finer, shorter hairs with each passing hair growth cycle. A reduction in hair volume can occur on its own or alongside increased hair shedding. Reduced hair volume is very gradual, and unfortunately you have to have lost over 15% of the volume of your hair before it becomes noticeable.

As a reduction in hair volume takes place slowly over an extended period of time, treatment can take time. However, there are effective products available to help slow the thinning and also improve hair density. To find out more about our bespoke treatments, call the Philip Kingsley Clinic.

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