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How Blood Tests Support Your Hair Loss Treatment

The information blood tests can provide is often crucial in the treatment of hair loss and/or reduced hair volume. At the Philip Kingsley clinics in London and New York, they are an integral part of our holistic treatment approach to addressing hair and scalp problems. Philip Kingsley trichologists have over 5 bespoke ‘blood profiles’ that they may recommend during consultations.

It is our practice to consult with your general doctor and any other relevant medical specialists about your blood test results. Blood tests can be administered by your doctor who sends the blood to a laboratory for analysis according to the recommended profile. The results are then forwarded onto our trichologists for their analysis. Alternatively, we might send you directly to a laboratory. In London, our trichologists work with The Doctors Laboratory on Harley Street. Depending on the tests you have done, we will receive the results within a day to two weeks.

Philip Kingsley trichologists analyse blood tests differently than a medical doctor. When we assess results, we are looking for readings that might affect your hair – a non-essential tissue. Being non-vital tissue, hair is often affected by subtle changes. In fact, numbers may be within the normal range and still impact your hair. Your GP will use blood test results to flag levels that might be damaging to your general health, and essential tissues, such as your liver and heart. As such, the hair is commonly overlooked in routine testing.

Concerned about hair loss?

If you would like to find out more information, our clinics based in London and New York specialise in hair and scalp issues.


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