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Introducing Vitamin C Jelly Detoxifying Hair and Scalp Treatment

I am so excited to introduce to you our BRAND NEW Vitamin C Jelly: Detoxifying Hair and Scalp Treatment. It has definitely been a challenge for me to keep my lips sealed about this launch, as it’s such a game-changer for all hair textures and colours!

Vitamin C Jelly is the ultimate detoxifying, brightening and antioxidant-rich hair and scalp treatment. Every day our hair and scalp are exposed to external aggressors. Hard water minerals, indoor and outdoor pollution and water-insoluble styling products can build up over time, and leave residue on our hair, causing dullness and adding weight. They can also cause oxidative stress on the scalp.

In just five minutes, Vitamin C Jelly deeply cleanses and removes impurities, restoring hair’s natural radiance to reveal weightless, soft, strong strands.


Waterless beauty is one of the most notable upcoming trends in the beauty industry. According to new findings by Cosmetics Business, almost 90% of shoppers want to see more beauty brands develop a waterless product, with 91% saying they would like to see more innovation in this category.

Vitamin C is a potent ingredient that degrades when exposed to light, oxygen, heat and water, which is why we’ve delivered it as a powder, complete with reusable application bottle that you simply add water to ‘shake to make’. The powder-to-jelly formulation makes it a waterless product, that is super easy-to-use, kinder to the environment and not to mention more potent, for better results. The drip-free jelly formula is a doddle to apply to the hair and scalp, with no mess and less wasted product.


The results are phenomenal, and I am a huge fan. Every time I use it, my hair colour looks fresher, my strands and scalp feel healthier, and my mood is brighter!

The results speak for themselves…

  • 92% agreed hair looked LESS DULL after use*
  • 91% agreed hair felt DETOXED after use
  • 90% agreed scalp felt CLEANSED after use


Those in our user trials also experienced stellar results:

“I couldn't have asked for a better product for my hair. I am BLOWN AWAY BY THE RESULTS. This product targets so many hair requirements, it is one of the best hair care products I have ever tried.”

“Absolutely love this product, SO EASY TO APPLY and leaves my hair looking and feeling amazing, silky smooth and shiny.”

“Absolutely love this — it's A REAL GAME-CHANGER!”

“I love it so much; my hair has never felt so good. I HAVE HAIR CONFIDENCE BACK all thanks to this amazing jelly.”

“My hair was SO MUCH EASIER TO STYLE and straighten. My hair looked glossy with a reflective shine.”



How does Vitamin C Jelly work?

Vitamin C Jelly’s acidic nature means it can dissolve away any accumulation of residue both on and below the hair’s cuticle, with 92%* of people claiming their hair looked less dull after use. Mine certainly does, and I really look forward to using it every two weeks.

Vitamin C is also an incredible skincare ingredient. The skinification of hair care is rightly gaining traction within the beauty world, as with your scalp being an extension of the skin on your face, it will also benefit from its antioxidant properties.

What’s unique about Vitamin C Jelly?

Our Vitamin C Jelly is an innovative powder-to-jelly formulation, that targets both the hair and scalp. Vitamin C is more potent in powder form and, being waterless, it is also kinder to the environment.

What hair colour is Vitamin C Jelly for?

Vitamin C Jelly works to brighten and detoxify all hair colours — blondes, brunettes, redheads, and everything in-between!

I already use Elasticizer, why do I need to use Vitamin C Jelly too?

Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment and Vitamin C Jelly do completely different things. Elasticizer increases the elasticity of strands and hydrates them, whereas Vitamin C Jelly brightens and detoxifies both the hair and scalp. Use them both as part of your hair care routine to ensure your strands are as healthy and radiant as possible.

We recommend using Elasticizer once or twice per week, and Vitamin C Jelly should be applied once every 2-3 weeks to remove impurities and build-up.

Apart from Vitamin C, what else does Vitamin C Jelly contain?

We kept the formula very concentrated with just a few key ingredients, to ensure superior results and effectiveness. As well as Vitamin C, Vitamin C Jelly also contains Vitamin B5, a hair conditioning agent which provides long-lasting moisture. It also helps to prevent damage, adds thickness to strands, and improves their lustre and sheen.

How do I use it?

  1. Before shampooing, thoroughly wet your hair and scalp
  2. Empty one sachet into the applicator bottle and fill with 60ml of water (to the measured mark)
  3. Shake for 30 seconds to activate the formula, until a light jelly forms
  4. Apply the jelly directly from the bottle to your hair and scalp and work in with your fingertips. Ensure you cover all of your hair
  5. Leave on for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly
  6. Shampoo and condition as normal

TIP: If you use Vitamin C Jelly a few days before your Elasticizer treatment, this can help the ingredients in Elasticizer to fully penetrate

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