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De-Stressing Tips from the Philip Kingsley Team - Blog

De-Stressing Tips from the Philip Kingsley Team

Things aren’t easy for most of us right now (to put it mildly). And with more weeks of lockdown looming through spring, it might feel like stress is bound to get the better of you. But we’re here to help!

At Philip Kingsley, we’re experts at advising our clients on how to manage stress. That’s because limiting your stress levels is one of the most important things you can do for yourself – and for your hair. Because we’re all in this together, we polled our wonderful team for inspiration on how to diffuse stress, refocus your mind, and give your spirits a lift.

Baking it off

I set myself a baking challenge each week. I find the precision of baking very calming. I have some old trusties up-my-sleeve, like carrot cake, brownies, apple crumble and chocolate chip cookies, but I’m also trying to get a bit more adventurous. BBC Good Food and New York Times Cooking are my favourite dessert recipe destinations.

Anabel Kingsley, Brand President & Consultant Trichologist

Gratitude Journaling

I like to start the day, before I’ve even risen from bed, writing down a list of things I’m grateful for. From the ‘big stuff’ like my health, the roof over my head, my job giving me a purpose, to the ‘small things’ like having coffee in the cupboard, a breeze blowing through the window, and warm feet under the duvet! I find it very centering. It helps me have a perspective on all the positives in my life in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Rose Armstrong, Head of Creative

Doing some DIY

I rebuilt a brick wall over Easter. Not only did it improve my garden, but it helped me focus my mind on constructive things. I had a fine sense of achievement when I was done.

Glenn Lyons, Clinic Director & Consultant Trichologist


I find nature to be a soothing, uplifting influence. At this time of year, nothing beats going for a walk and coming across a carpet of bluebells in the forest.

Glenn Lyons, Clinic Director & Consultant Trichologist

Embracing my inner bookworm

Escaping into the pages of a book is the biggest luxury. I’m averaging one book a week, which means my bookshelf is getting some attention. The Kindle app is providing more recent reads. There are a number of great book clubs you can join on Instagram if you’d like a recommendation. My favourite is @bethsbookclub_ 

Rose Armstrong, Head of Creative

Walking away my worries

I’m very lucky to have a treadmill and try to walk for at least 40 minutes on it every day. I’m almost 7 months pregnant, and I’ve been told staying active is super important for my health and for my baby. To make the time pass, I either listen to an audiobook, or (more often than not) I put on an episode of Mad Men – I’m thoroughly enjoying re-watching the whole series, but only allowing myself to do so when I’m walking/waddling!

Anabel Kingsley, Brand President & Consultant Trichologist

Folding away my worries

This is a weird one, but I’ll go and fold all my jeans and t-shirts the Marie Kondo way! I find that putting some order in my life (well, my wardrobe) makes me feel more organised and in control – tidy house tidy mind, as they say!

Lisa Caddy, Consultant Trichologist


We’re very lucky to have a garden, and gardening is always good for the soul. Now that it’s spring, being outdoors, helping things grow and improving your surroundings is a wonderful balm. While I’m out there, I take the opportunity to have a rumble on the lawn with Zennor, our black Labrador!

Glenn Lyons, Clinic Director & Consultant Trichologist


Every day, I go for a 20-minute walk in my nearby woodland! I don’t take my mobile and I walk through the woods at a slow pace, making sure I notice my surroundings, such as the bird song, the wildlife scurrying in the undergrowth. I touch the branches of trees to get grounded! There’s research to show that the shapes in nature aren’t found anywhere else, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important to get outdoors if you can.

Lisa Caddy, Consultant Trichologist

End-of-the-day signal

Now that my home is also my office, it has been increasingly difficult to switch from ‘work mode’ to ‘home mode’. A few tips I’ve developed over the past few weeks include packing away my laptop and all work-related paperwork out of sight once I’ve clocked off. I also like to use the time I would have been commuting to either take a walk or an online exercise class. It helps bookend the day.

Rose Armstrong, Head of Creative

Discovering new recipes

I love pulling recipes from magazines and experimenting. That’s my downtime. Cooking takes concentration, so it stops me worrying about other things at the same time!

Lisa Caddy, Consultant Trichologist