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Using Hair Accessories in Your Hair Care Routine

But what exactly does an optimal daily hair care routine involve? Read on for our award-winning Trichologists’ advice on the best ways to show your hair some daily love. Then watch as your strands start to love you back.

Using Hair Accessories

Hair Pins and Clips

Pins and clips have the potential to damage your hair, so take care when you use them. Here are our tips for preventing damage:

  1. Use pins and clips with rubber tips or rubber coating. Sharp edges can into your hair shaft and scalp.
  2. Do not go to sleep with pins or clips in your hair. The metal can cut into and break your hair shaft, and can also harm your scalp.
  3. If you use pins and/or clips when curling your hair, be careful not to overheat them with a hair-dryer. The heat of the dryer warms the metal, which can then damage your hair and scalp. This metal stays hot even after the dryer is switched off, so do not concentrate the dryer on any one area for too long.

Elastic Bands and Hair Ties

These seemingly harmless accessories can cause quite a bit of damage to your hair and scalp. People often come into our Clinics with hair that has suffered from being tied and pulled too tightly. Follow these simple tips to protect your strands.

  1. Reach for a hair tie with a fabric covering. Uncovered elastic bands can break your hair shaft. They can also pull hair out when you remove them. For added protection, dab a little conditioner around the tie.
  2. Try not to pull your hair too tightly back from your forehead. This can lead to traction hair loss all along your front hairline and temples. If you like to pull your hair back tightly, try to give it a break every few days.
  3. Try not to use too tight a hairband. If any elastic is wound too tightly around your hair, the strands can fray and weaken. In severe cases, a type of breakage called trichorrhexis nodosa can occur. When looked at under a microscope, the hair looks like two shaving brushes pushed together.

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