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The Art of Multi-Masking

But with so many masks to choose from, we know things can get confusing – as well as slightly too time-consuming for our busy, hard-working clients!

That’s where multi-masking comes in. Yes: you can combine any two (or more) of our hair and scalp masks, thereby treating yourself to twice the benefit in half the time. All you need to do is find your perfect way to spend time while you’re letting them work their magic, and you’re onto a winner.

Read on for our favourite multi-masking, multi-tasking ideas.

Flaky/Itchy Scalp Mask + Elasticizer + soaking in a steamy bath

Nothing relieves stress like a long soak in a gorgeously hot bath. And nothing helps a stressed-out scalp like our Flaky/Itchy range.

So while you’re running your bath, apply our Flaky/Itchy Scalp Mask to your scalp, then add our original Elasticizer to your hair. The combination of these two will deliver hydration, strength, and elasticity to tired strands, while clearing and reviving flaky or irritated skin.

For an extra-calming indulgence, add some cleansing pink Himalayan salt to your bathwater. Then light a few candles and make the bathroom your bathing haven for an hour.

Trichotherapy Stimulating Weekly Scalp Mask + Elasticizer Therapies Mayan Vanilla & Orange Blossom + cooking a delicious dinner

This multi-masking, multi-tasking combo is designed to give your hair, your scalp and your body a boost of energy and wellbeing.

Apply our Stimulating Scalp Mask to rejuvenate your scalp and encourage healthy hair growth. Then add our Vanilla & Orange Blossom scented Elasticizer (coming soon) to leave your hair soft, lustrous and smelling lovely.

While you wait for both masks to do their work, cook up a nutritious, balanced meal full of hair-friendly ingredients. Whether you eat it all yourself, or invite friends round to share the bounty, we promise you’ll end up feeling healthier and more energised from head to toe.

Trichotherapy Soothing Weekly Scalp Mask + Elasticizer Therapies Rose & Lychee + listening to a sleep-story

There’s nothing like a nap on a rainy Saturday to calm your mind and restore energy after a long week. Our favourite way of winding down? Multi-mask while listening to a soothing ‘sleep story’, read by the likes of Stephen Fry or Joanna Lumley, on an app like the wildly popular Calm.

First, apply our Soothing Weekly Scalp Mask to calm and rehydrate a dry or sore scalp. Then add our Rose & Lychee scented Elasticizer. Its balancing fragrance, inspired by Ayurveda, calms and relaxes while the mask deeply conditions your strands. Finally, switch off for 20 minutes (or more!) and wake to stress-free tresses and a decluttered mind.

Trichotherapy Exfoliating Weekly Scalp Mask + Elasticizer Therapies Pomegranate & Cassis + booking a summer holiday

If you haven’t already booked your summer holiday, now is the perfect time. Where to this year? Antibes, Capri, Halkidiki?

While you’re researching, try mixing and matching two of our favourite masks. Pomegranate & Cassis Elasticizer will moisturise and soften your strands as its rich scent conjures up white-washed villages and blooming summer flowers. Meanwhile, Trichotherapy Exfoliating Weekly Scalp Mask will deep-cleanse while ridding your scalp of excess oil and flakes.

You’ll feel like a brand new person with a brand new head of hair (and brand-new holiday plans) in no time!

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