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Hair Accessories

Hair Pins and Clips

Pins and clips have the potential to damage your hair, so take care when you use them.

The following are some ways to prevent and minimise damage:


  •  Don’t go to sleep with pins or clips in your hair. The metal can cut into and break your hair shaft and can also harm your scalp.
  • If you use pins and/or clips when curling your hair, be careful not to overheat them with a hair-dryer. The heat of the dryer warms the metal, which can then damage your hair and scalp. This metal stays hot even after the dryer is switched off, so do not concentrate the dryer on any one area for too long.
  • If you use a hood dryer, remove it frequently to allow your hair and scalp to cool.

Elastic Bands, Hair Ties & Hair Cips

These seemingly gentle accessories can cause quite a bit of damage to your hair and scalp. People often come into our clinics wondering why their hair is in such bad condition, and the answer is incorrect use of hair ties and barrettes. However, hair ties and barrettes are also versatile and extremely useful styling aids - being used for everything from tying your hair up when you go to the gym, to chic evening styles, to taming your child’s unruly hair. We don’t suggest you don’t use them, but simply follow these few simple tips when doing so:


  • The best hair ties are those that have a fabric covering. Uncovered elastic bands can break your hair shaft and also pull hair out when removed. For added protection, smear a little conditioner along the tie.
  • Try not to pull your hair too tightly back from your forehead. This can eventually lead to severe breakage and traction loss all along your front hairline and temples. Young girls are most at risk, and also ballet dancers. If you are going to pull your hair back tightly, try not to do it too often.
  • If any hair band is wound too tightly around your hair, a type of breakage called trichorrbexis nodosa can occur. When looked at under a microscope, the hair looks like two shaving brushes pushed together.
  • When buying hair clips, carefully inspect the metal edges for sharpness. For added protection, wrap a thin strip of tissue or tape around the grip.
For more information please contact our clinic.