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Ingredient Myths: The Real Truth

Are haircare products containing alcohol bad for your hair and scalp?

It depends on the alcohol! There are many different types of alcohol. While some are certainly harsh and drying (such as rubbing alcohol, used in disinfectants), others are actually moisturising, emollient and protective. The ‘good’ types of alcohols are called fatty alcohols, and are used extensively in cosmetics as thickeners and emollients. Examples include cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. So, an ‘alcohol free’ product is not necessarily better than one containing alcohol – it may even be worse.

Do hair products cause build-up on your hair?

Yes! Over time, products (as well as hard water minerals and indoor and outdoor pollution) build up to leave residue on the hair, causing dullness, limpness and heaviness. To combat and cleanse away product build-up and the everyday aggressors and impurities our hair is exposed to, we recommend using a detoxifying treatment like our Vitamin C Jelly. This game-changing, powder-to-jelly, pre-shampoo treatment deeply cleanses the hair and scalp, harnessing the power of Vitamin C to purify and detox, to restore natural radiance and shine.

  • Removes 11% more pollution than shampoo alone*
  • Removes 31% more mineral build-up from hard water than shampoo alone*
  • Twice as effective at removing product build-up than shampoo alone*

*Instrumental Test

Use every 2-3 weeks to remove product build-up and impurities, protect the scalp against oxidative stress and reveal soft, weightless strands.

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