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Your Summer Hair Care Tips

The summer sun can be great for relaxation, stress relief and psychological well-being. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin D. However, summer is also full of hazards for your hair. UV rays, wind, heat, salt water and chlorine can all make your strands suffer.

Here are some ways to keep your hair and scalp healthy, hydrated and protected during the summer months.

Apply an SPF

Just because the sun’s rays are natural does not mean they are not damaging to your strands. In fact, their lightening effect on your hair is just as detrimental as bleach. Sun rays weaken your hair’s protein structure, de-moisturise your strands, and reduce elasticity so that your hair breaks more easily.

To help protect your hair from the sun, apply a conditioning hair mask containing an SPF, and/or wear a hat. Be sure to add extra product to the ends of your hair, especially if it is below shoulder length. Your ends are more prone to damage simply because they are older and more weathered.

Wear a Protective Mask

Salt and chlorinated water can dry out your hair. To prevent damage when swimming in the sea or pool, wear a protective conditioning mask. Reapply it afterwards, just like you would with sunscreen.

Guard Against Green Hair

If you have blonde or bleached hair, you might find that it acquires a greenish tinge after you swim in a chlorinated pool. This is caused by your hair’s reaction to copper. Chlorinated pools often contain copper algaecides (compounds that help prevent the growth of algae).

There are a few things you can do to avoid getting green hair. One is to wear a swimming cap in the pool. Another is to use a waterproof protective hair product, such as our award-winning Swimcap cream.

If you already have greenish hair, a lemon juice rinse can be quite effective at removing the tinge.

(Please note, copper can also be found in some home water supplies, especially if your pipes are made of copper. Special water filters are available to help remove the copper and prevent your hair turning green.)

Shield Your Scalp

The sun can burn your scalp, so it is very important to apply a hair mask containing an SPF to your parting (and to areas of sparse hair growth, if you have them).

While short-term irritation and flaking are initial problems, recurrent burns and exposure to the sun can eventually cause cell changes and skin cancer anywhere on your body.

Keep your hair and scalp cleansed

The heat and humidity of high summer can leave your scalp feeling oily and sweaty, and in need of a good clean, so it’s even more paramount to properly cleanse away impurities with a targeted treatment. Enter: our Vitamin C Jelly. Treat your hair and scalp to a thorough detox and cleanse with our innovative pre-shampoo, powder-to-jelly formula, which effectively dissolves away build-up and impurities to leave hair feeling super-clean, radiant and weightless. What’s more, it’s twice as effective at removing product build-up than shampoo alone*. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties also protect the hair and scalp from free radicals, found in hard water, pollution and the sun’s UV rays, making it a summer hair care must-have. Use every 2-3 weeks to keep hair feeling as fresh, cleansed and radiant as possible.

*Independent Instrumental Tests

Remoisturise Your Hair

To keep your hair hydrated, elastic and shiny during the hotter, sunnier months, use an intensive pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, such as our Elasticizer, at least once a week. Work the mixture into your hair with your fingertips, leave for at least 10 minutes, and then wash off.

Brush Gently

Guard against split ends by avoiding over-brushing. Sun, salt water, wind and chlorine can dry out your hair, making it susceptible to splitting and breaking. Brush gently, and preferably use a saw-cut comb to ease out tangles first.

Shampoo and Condition Daily

We recommend daily shampooing all year round, but it is especially important in the summer. Your scalp, like the rest of your skin, is prone to increased sweating and clogged pores in warmer weather.

Eat Fresh Foods

A healthy, well-balanced diet is always vital to the health of your hair. Summer is a wonderful time to take advantage of a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood.


Make sure to drink enough water in the summer. Your scalp, like the rest of your skin, can dehydrate and flake if you don’t replenish your liquids.

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