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Treatment Trio

Pre-Shampoo Treatment Trio
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Say goodbye to dry, dull and damaged hair 

Transform your hair with 3 powerful pre-shampoo treatments that target dryness, damage or dullness with their highly concentrated formulas. Enjoy instant benefits and restored hair health.

Remove 38% more PRODUCT BUILD-UP* than shampoo alone
Hair that's up to 3X MORE RESISTANT to damage^
Restores hair's natural RADIANCE and SHINE
FEWER SPLIT ENDS and sharper ends
Incredible Results

Stronger. Softer. Shinier.

A single treatment with Bond Builder restored 56% of the hairs’ strength and resistance to damage and 84% was restored after 5 applications.^
Vitamin C Jelly removes 38% more PRODUCT BUILD-UP than shampoo alone. It's no surprise why 92% of our Independent Trial Users agreed their hair looked less dull after just one use and why 91% agreed their hair felt detoxed.
Hair’s strength and elasticity improve use after use, as demonstrated in our Independent User Trials. An impressive 92% said their hair felt deeply moisturised, 81% said hair felt stronger and 80% agreed tresses felt more elastic after repeated use of Elasticizer.
Over 7,000 5-Star Reviews

Don't just take our word for it.
 Discover why our pre-shampoo treatments are so transformational...


"I can’t say enough good things about Bond Builder"


"Elasticizer was the missing link in my hair routine"

Step by Step Guide

How to use

Elasticizer, Vitamin C Jelly and Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment are powerful treatments that target individual concerns. For best results, use them all together as complimentary pre-shampoo treatments, alternating use as part of a complete hair care regime for your healthiest hair possible.

Key Ingredients.

Hydrolyzed Elastin, Vitamin C & Advanced Bond Rebuilding Technology

Our pre-shampoo formulations contain such a high concentration of active ingredients, that once the hair has absorbed as much of the treatment as possible, shampooing is needed to remove any residue (water alone would not be able to do the job and using them in a post-wash conditioner could weigh the hair down). 

100% Recyclable
Planet-friendly Packaging
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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some common queries about Pre-Shampoo Treatment Trio.

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Each of our pre-shampoo treatments targets a specific hair concern, so to get the healthiest hair possible, use all three for stronger, softer, shinier strands.

Our pre-shampoo treatments can act as your hair care wardrobe. Mix and match depending on which your hair needs most, and alternate to combat dry, damaged, dull hair for good:

  • Elasticizer treats DRY, thirsty hair
  • Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment targets DAMAGE
  • Vitamin C Jelly DETOXIFIES the hair & scalp

Alternate use of Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment and Elasticizer or Elasticizer Extreme each week to treat dry and damaged hair. Vitamin C Jelly detoxifies so effectively, you only need to add this to your routine every 2-3 weeks.

Every hair texture can benefit from a pre-shampoo treatment, even the finest of hair types. As they are designed to be washed away, they won’t leave behind residue, leaving you with weightless, swoosh-worthy strands. 

  • 92% of independent users agreed hair felt DEEPLY MOISTURISED after one use of Elasticizer**
  • Vitamin C Jelly removes 38% more PRODUCT BUILD-UP than shampoo alone*
  • Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment makes hair up to 3X MORE RESISTANT to damage after just ONE USE^
  • 84% of users agreed their hair felt DEEPLY CONDITIONED after using Elasticizer Extreme^^

Our one-step, intense hair treatments fit easily into every hair care regime, without the need for any further steps or specific in-salon activation. Simply apply your chosen treatment to wet hair before you shampoo, and leave on for the recommended application time. Follow with your regular shampoo and conditioner and style as normal.

For best results, our Trichologists recommend treating hair to two pre-shampoo treatments per week. If your hair is severely chemically damaged, try more frequently. Alternate between the three treatments to tackle multiple hair concerns — a mid-week Elasticizer to combat DRYNESS, followed by a spot of weekend DAMAGE repair with Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment. Apply Vitamin C Jelly once every two to three weeks to tackle DULLNESS and remove impurities and build-up.

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