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  1. Vented Grooming Brush

    Vented Grooming

    Smoothes flyaways and adds root lift.

    In stock
  2. Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Shampoo (1000ml)

    Vented Radial

    Provides extra control and smoothness when styling
    In stock
  3. Handbag Brush and Case

    Handbag Brush
    and Case

    Maintain healthy, beautiful hair on the go
    In stock
  4. Mini Radial Brush

    Mini Radial

    Nourishes natural tightly coiled curls and very porous hair.
    In stock
  5. Vented Paddle Brush

    Vented Paddle Brush

    Top Philip Kingsley product
    In stock
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Our award-winning hair brushes ensure styling and grooming with the ultimate care and consideration paid to your hair and scalp. Philip Kingsley brushes are vented to allow heat to disperse, ensuring as little heat damage as possible to the hair. They are anti-static to help avoid flyaway ends; and cushioned to ensure gentle pressure to the scalp. Widely spaced and rounded pins also prevent any irritation or scratching. Did you know the shape of brush you choose depends on what length hair you have and what style you want to achieve? Find out more here.