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How to Get the Most Out of Your Elasticizer

It's the easiest way to get softer, bouncier, shinier hair. Whether you have an hour to let it work its magic, or just a few minutes, here are our top tips for getting the most out of yours.

Help! I don’t have 20 minutes to spare for a hair mask. Can I still use Elasticizer?

Yes! If you’re short on time, you can still treat your tresses to a super quick Elasticizer. Our famed mask is brimming with healthy oils that start to work their way into your hair shaft after only three minutes. Try a quick treatment a few times a week and you'll notice a difference in your strands right away.

However, Elasticizer works best when applied for 20-30 minutes before a regular hair wash, to give the oils time to fully penetrate the hair. If you're pressed for time, try multitasking while you use it! The mask actually works best if you can get some heat to your head while it’s on. Wear it while you work out, walk the dog, run weekend errands, or relax in a steamy bath. Alternatively, why not combine it with a dose of relaxation? Paint your nails, read a few chapters of your book, or watch the latest boxset.

You can also apply Elasticizer before bed. Pop on a shower cap or microfibre towel — this will create steam which encourages the cuticle to lift so the treatment can penetrate more effectively — and let it do its work while you sleep.

Find out more about the benefits of making Elasticizer a permanent fixture in your hair care routine.

Wait, can I really sleep in it?

You can! If you are someone who prefers to shampoo in the morning, then you might find it is more convenient to apply Elasticizer before bed. It’s a good idea to wrap your hair in a microfibre turban overnight to keep it nice and secure (and your pillow residue-free!). Then rinse well, shampoo and condition as normal the next day. If you have fine hair, shampoo twice.

Is there a correct way to apply Elasticizer?

Elasticizer should be applied to damp hair. For a quick and easy way to wet your hair, we recommend running your hairbrush under the tap and brushing it through your strands, using a water spritzing bottle, or simply sticking your head under the shower for a second. Dampen your hair but don’t leave it dripping wet — squeeze out any excess water before you begin application.

Start applying your Elasticizer from the mid-lengths to the ends, making sure to target the driest parts of your hair. You can apply it up to the root area if your hair is colour-treated, or if you feel it needs moisturising.

Put on a shower cap (there's one included with every Elasticizer!) or wrap your hair in a warm towel, then leave the treatment in for 20-30 minutes before thoroughly shampooing it out. You can leave it in for longer if you have time. Anabel Kingsley, our Brand President and Trichologist, leaves hers on for at least an hour.

How thick should application be? Can I use too much of it?

Our top tip is to start with a small amount and add more if you need it. If you feel the Elasticizer is really sinking in and visibly disappearing, then keep applying more until your hair feels slippery and covered. You can’t use too much! Your hair will only absorb as much as it needs, and you’ll be shampooing away any excess. The more out-of-condition and dry your hair is, the more Elasticizer it will drink in.

How often should I use it?

Elasticizer is best used regularly, so most people benefit from treating themselves once or twice a week. You will see immediate results from the very first use – but the more frequently you use it, the better hair will become over time.

Can I use Elasticizer instead of conditioner?

No, they are different products that do different things. Conditioner seals and smoothes the cuticle for a manageable, tangle-free mane, while pre-shampoo treatment Elasticizer delivers a supercharged moisture boost to the hair shaft. Elasticizer contains a concentrated dose of active ingredients designed to be shampooed away, and is too heavy to be rinsed away with water. However, those with very curly hair sometimes feel the treatment works well when used as a post-shampoo conditioner, that can really help to tame and smooth frizz.

Can I use it to style my hair?

You can use a very small amount of Elasticizer as a styling or finishing product. It works great in curly hair and on shorter styles (men’s hair too) but remember, stick to only a small amount! For styling and priming hair, we recommend Elasti-styler 5-in-1 Treatment, a styling serum that contains Elasticizer's powerhouse ingredients, within a lightweight leave-in formula.

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