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Teen's Hair

Anabel Kingsley

Brand President

Published July 2015

At the Philip Kingsley Clinics, many parents bring their teenagers to see our Trichologists, worrying about issues such as oily hair, smelly hair, and dandruff. Rest assured that changes to your hair (or your child’s hair) are completely normal during the teenage years, and most can be managed with adjustments to your personal hygiene and hair care routines.

Here is what to expect from your hair (or your child’s hair) during the teenage years


Your scalp hair will probably feel thicker and possibly more difficult to manage. Puberty and the years following it are when your scalp hair reaches its largest diameter and is at its thickest.


The oil glands on a teenager’s scalp work overtime until around the age of 18. This is completely normal. 

We recommend washing your hair every day to avoid your strands becoming smelly and greasy.


 It is a good idea to wash your hair every day, or at least every other day, when you are a teenager, to avoid a sort of ‘body odour’ of the scalp.


Adolescence is often the time when dandruff first begins to show. In fact, dandruff is extremely common in the early teens. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo and scalp toner, such as those from our award-winning Flaky/Itchy Scalp range, to clear dandruff and soothe an irritated scalp. Also, try to avoid junk food as much as possible — processed fats and sugars can trigger dandruff, and/or make it worse.



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