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What Causes Limp Hair?

Do you wish your hair had more body and volume? You are not alone. Limp, flat hair is one of the most common hair frustrations brought to our Trichologists by Clients from around the world.

The good news is, limp hair is very easy to fix at home.

Or if you prefer to seek help from the professionals, our Clinics in London and New York specialise in hair and scalp treatments, and will be delighted to welcome you

What Causes Limp Hair?

Oil from Your Scalp

People with limp hair often have fine hair (i.e. the diameter of each individual hair is slim). Fine hair should not be confused with ‘thin’ or ‘thinning’ hair.

People with fine hair have more strands per square centimetre on their scalp than other hair types — each hair takes up less space, so there is room for more of them. But why would having more hair mean less body? Because each hair has its own oil gland. In other words, the more hairs you have, the more oil your scalp produces, which can then weigh your hair down. The result? Lack of volume and bounce.

Using Products Incorrectly

All hair textures can lack body and volume if you use the wrong products, or use the right ones incorrectly.

Check that you are using the right products for your hair texture  (Fine, Medium, Coarse, Natural Coiled Curls). Then make sure that you are applying them correctly and washing them out thoroughly. For instance, applying conditioner too close to your roots can leave your hair flat. So can using too much of a styling product, or not rinsing out your shampoo or conditioner properly.

Our Top Tips for Adding Body, Volume and Bounce to Limp, Lifeless Hair

1. Use a detoxifying pre-shampoo treatment

Hard water minerals, pollution and products all build up and leave residue on the hair, which can cause dullness, limpness and heaviness. Our pre-shampoo treatmentVitamin C Jelly harnesses the antioxidant powers of Vitamin C to deeply purify and detox the hair, restoring natural radiance and shine. Incorporate into your hair care regime every 2-3 weeks to deeply cleanse the hair and scalp and remove impurities and aggressors that can weigh your tresses down. Hello super clean, radiant, weightless strands!

2. Use a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment

Treatments like our award-winning Elasticizer give temporary volume and thickness by coating your hair and plumping it with moisture. Pre-shampoo conditioning treatments also help to prevent hair breakage, and over time, this will add volume throughout your lengths.

3. Shampoo daily

Your hair accumulates bits of dirt, dust, oil and grime every day – just like your skin — and these can really weigh it down. Washing it every day will get rid of them, delivering a lot more bounce and shine. We suggest a volumising shampoo (such as our bestselling Body Building Shampoo).

4. Rinse shampoo out thoroughly

Even a thin coating of shampoo left on your hair can render it dull and limp. If you think you’ve rinsed enough, rinse again!

5. Condition correctly

Applying conditioner directly to your roots can weigh your hair down. Stick to your mid-lengths and ends instead.

6. Select the right styling products

Go for volumizing or thickening styling products — particularly ones that contain proteins. These will coat your hair, adding extra thickness, and sometimes strength too (depending on the formula). But be careful not to apply too much or you’ll weigh down your hair.

7. Blowdry your hair upside down

You’ll be amazed how much extra body and bounce this gives you. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Apply a volumizer, likePhilip Kingsley Maximizer, or any other styling aid of your choice and begin to dry your hair. When damp, flip your hair over and use the dryer with your hair hanging forward. Gently brush and comb your hair in this direction, following behind with the hairdryer. Pay particular attention to the roots. When your hair is dry, style as normal.

8. Go easy on smoothing serums and styling oils

Apply these to your mid-lengths and ends, but avoid your roots. Only a small amount is needed if it’s a well-formulated product. If you have to use a lot too much of a product to get results, change it.

9. Get a haircut

Shorter hair weighs less, giving you instant body and bounce. If you have thick hair, you can get a similar result with layering. But if you have fine hair, blunt cuts are better — they give the appearance of thickness, and won’t leave your ends looking sparse.

10. Colour or perm your hair

These chemical processes roughen and swell your hair shafts, giving you more volume. (They can also dry out your hair, though, so make sure you hydrate it with intensivepre-shampoo conditioning treatments and conditioning protective sprays.

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