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Alopecia Areata

‘Alopecia’ is a general term for hair loss - from mild and temporary shedding to profuse and permanent loss.

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Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is a form of diffuse hair loss that occurs when the anagen (growth) phase of the hair growth cycle is cut-short by an internal disturbance. This causes many more hairs than usual to move from anagen into the telogen (shedding) phase all at once, resulting in excessive dai...

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Reduced Hair Volume

Reduced hair volume and hair loss are much more common than is thought, with over 1 in 5 women experiencing it currently in the UK alone.   Reduced hair volume occurs when there is a gradual reduction in the diameter of individual strands. This type of hair loss is more commonly known as...

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Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss caused by a constant pulling on the hair from its follicle.

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Traumatic & Cosmetic Scarring Alopecia

Permanent, scarring alopecia is a ‘secondary’ cicatricial alopecia and is caused by external damage to hair follicles.

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Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

Frontal fibrosing alopecia is a primary cicatricial alopecia and is most common in middle aged or older women.

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Thyroid Dysfunction

The thyroid is a gland that regulates your metabolism and can be affected by many conditions.

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Most people play with their hair. You may twirl your hair between your fingers when you watch TV, read, concentrate and also when you are stressed or worried.

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It is likely that everyone knows a person who has undergone the trauma of being diagnosed with cancer and having to be treated by chemotherapy.

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Stress & Hair Loss

Stress can and often does result in hair loss due to a number of factors. One of the main reasons is that stress, through a convoluted route, can increase your body’s production of adrenaline. This can then be converted into cholesterol, which is capable of raising your body’s level...

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Hair Colouring & Hair Loss

Contrary to what you may have heard, hair colouring in itself does not cause hair loss. However, it can cause substantial hair breakage if you don’t look after your hair correctly

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Blood Tests

The information blood tests can provide is often crucial in the treatment of hair loss and/or reduced hair volume. At the Philip Kingsley clinics in London and New York, they are an integral part of our holistic treatment approach to addressing hair and scalp problems. Philip Kingsley tricholog...

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Medication & Hair Loss

The most commonly overlooked reason for hair loss is the use of medications, drugs and also the overuse of vitamin and/or mineral supplements.

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Hair Transplants

Hair transplants can be very effective when done correctly. But how do they work? Every hair on your body has and knows its own identity

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