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3 Ways to Up Your Winter Hair Care Game

Doesn’t it need extra cosseting and comfort too? Because there’s less moisture in the air, your tresses can dry out more easily, so they definitely need a dose of extra tender loving care. Here are our top five tips for switching up your routine.

1. Ditch the straighteners

Okay, we know that for some of you, that’s a big ask, so please (!) use your Daily Damage Defence every time you straighten to protect and condition hair. Heated styling tools cause damage whatever the time of year but in winter, your hair may be more vulnerable to splitting and breaking. Why not change things up by blow drying hair before braiding it overnight for super chic waves from the chin down when you wake? Poker straight hair can look harsh, so this softening look gets our vote for the colder months. Avoid frizz and smooth down flyaways while nourishing hair with Finishing Touch Polishing Serum and you’ll perfect the look.

2. If you wear a hat, make it cashmere and/or silk-lined

Sounds expensive right? But think about how many times you may take a hat on and off in a combination of the cold outdoors and centrally heated indoors, and the amount of breakage it causes could be expensive. Our Trichologists fondly liken hair to cashmere; you wouldn’t drag a bristle brush through your favourite cashmere jumper because it would snag and break the fibres. You would also be careful about what fabric conditioner you use and make sure to wash by hand. A warm cashmere hat is ideal to protect your hair from changing temperatures and silk lining can help reduce static while smoothing the cuticle rather than roughing it up.

3. Make time for weekly deep conditioning

Elasticizer is like a duvet for your hair so don’t just put a thin sheet layer on your hair, slather it on thickly. Trust us, you always need more than you think you do; thirsty hair will drink it right up so if the conditioner is not retaining its white colour when you put it on, your hair has already absorbed it all! Our legendary hair mask is resplendent with moisturising oils and if you wrap a warm towel around your hair while it gets to work, it will feel like a lovely hug for your hair.

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