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Split Ends

You can mask split ends with leave-in conditioners or smoothing balms to temporarily glue them together, but as soon as you pass a comb or brush through your hair or shampoo it, your split ends unglue.

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Hair Breakage

Hair is a remarkably strong fiber – a single healthy hair is actually stronger than a steel wire of the same diameter and can stretch up to 30% of its length when wet before breaking. However, this only applies if your hair is in good condition!

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Frizzy & Flyaway Hair

Frizzy hair is defined as ‘tight wispy curls’, but it is also hair that has gone out of shape, has lost its smoothness and sticks up in wisps. Frizzy hair occurs in all hair textures, but is most common in curly, fine hair.

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Limp & Greasy Hair

Do you wish your hair had more body and volume? You’re not alone. In fact, in a survey we conducted, limp, flat hair was the most common hair frustration expressed among women.

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Dull Hair

There’s no magic to achieving shiny hair. All you need to do is hydrate, condition and cleanse. And use the right products for your hair texture.

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Thinning Hair

Hair thinning (reduced volume) is a gradual reduction in the diameter of individual hairs. It happens very slowly, and is not always accompanied by increased hair shedding, which means it can be hard to spot in the early stages. It is estimated that at least 15% of the volume is lost before red...

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Grey & Ageing Hair

Unfortunately, grey hair is an inevitable part of ageing. However, ‘grey’ isn’t actually a hair pigment in itself – it’s a colour caused by a combination of normally pigmented hairs interspersed with white ones.

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Swimming & Green Hair

Green tinged hair is caused by the hairs reaction to copper, and is most prevalent in those that have naturally blond or bleached hair. Most people associate this unsightly colour change with swimming in a chlorinated pool, and quite rightly too.

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Sun Damage

Seasonal changes in weather patterns, eating habits and metabolic factors often affect hair. Summer is perhaps the most enjoyable season.

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